Freshly glazed donuts filled with a slab of Filipino creme caramel, maple syrup and black sesame waffles, and Japanese souffle Tiramisu pancakes. Welcome to the sweet side of the Sydney Night Noodle Markets

The Sydney Night Noodle Markets serve up the best of Asian-inspired hawker-style food under the stars, but did you know just how good the desserts on offer are? For all the sweet tooths, the sugar-high curious, and the love muffins out there, don’t be a gummy bear – grab your honey buns and make your way to Hyde Park, 11 – 18 October. Check out all the dessert offerings available:

Gelato Messina

Each year the ice cream gods, Gelato Messina, spend tireless hours working behind the scenes to create custom treats that are available exclusively at the Night Noodle Markets. This year, they’re taking us on a creamy, sweet adventure to Thailand! **Be warned** do not read if hungry. There’s the Phuket Bucket; condensed milk pudding and condensed milk crumble topped with a scoop of coconut and lychee gelato, rainbow jellies and sala and lychee shaved ice. Get on the coconut wagon with Coco Phangan; coconut and pandan sticky rice with a scoop of mango sorbet, salted coconut sauce and toasted coconut flakes. Call me Rocky, because I’m ordering the Eye of the Thai-ger; Thai milk gelato and cheesecake mousse sandwiched between tea sponge, dipped in meringue and sprinkled with coconut. Or finally the Bangkok Banana; deep-fried banana fritters, a scoop of caramelised palm sugar and banana gelato, coconut and lime chantilly and peanut crumble. Tummy rumbling yet?


Donut Papi

Donuts really are the universal language of love, because at Donut Papi, even vegans have a variety of treats to scoff. Non-vegans can indulge in a Leche Flan Donut Burger – a slab of Filipino creme caramel, sandwiched between a fresh donut bun. Or get amongst a Hotteok, a famous Korean street food – pressed pancake filled with hot gooey brown sugar, cinnamon, spices and sesame seeds. They are speaking our language!



The history of fried ice cream in Australia goes back a long way, and Fry’d are here to honour that tradition. Not only that, they’ve modernised the classic dessert and given it an upgrade. They’ve got Japanese Matcha & White Chocolate, Vanilla Bean and Salted Caramel, and Vietnamese Condensed Milk with Crushed Oreos



Once every now and again, a dessert comes along and stops Sydneysiders in their tracks. This may well be that moment. Kumokumo is bringing the Japanese souffle pancake to the Night Noodle Markets, and they have a whole bunch of incredible flavours for you to swoon over. There’s the Original, with freshly whipped butter and Western Australian Jarrah honey, or Uji Matcha with premium Uji matcha cream and sweet red bean paste. Black Sugar Boba is served with cream and Taiwanese black sugar boba, or for the Tiramisu lovers out there, get yours with espresso cream, Kahlua liqueur and a dollop of fresh mascarpone. Creme Brulee is with custard, caramelized cassonade sugar and mixed berry compote.

But wait, there’s more. They’ve also got Soft Cream in Cone available in Milk, Uji Matcha, Chocolate & Oolong flavour.  



We won’t waffle on, but if you haven’t yet tried a dessert from Waffleland, don’t miss out. There’s Bangkok Night, which is a freshly baked waffle stick drizzled with warm Nutella dusted with icing sugar, or maybe the Dancing Dragon is more your style? That’s with melted chocolate. Give yourself a Lucky Fortune, and you’ll find caramel syrup and lychee on your waffle, or maybe Black Panda, with maple syrup and sprinkled black sesame. Or perhaps the Cheeky Monkey, with peanut butter, ice cream, bananas, pretzels, caramel syrup and wafer sticks. All come with the option to add strawberries & ice cream. ‘Nuff said.


OK sweetcheeks, how did you like the dessert menu for the Sydney Night Noodle Markets, held on 11 – 18 October in Hyde Park? This year we celebrate extended hours on the weekend with the markets opening at 12pm! As always, entry is free and stalls are cashless, so don’t forget your cards for all purchases. Keep up to date with all things Night Noodle Markets by joining the Facebook event page here and following us on the @goodfoodmonth Instagram account. 

Have a furbaby? Register here for the Night Poodle Markets, 12 – 4pm on Saturday, 12 October. Tickets are $5 and include a pooch portrait, a doggo treat and all proceeds go to the RSPCA, NSW. Families for face painting and fried noodle feasts: register here to come along to the Night Noodle Markets, 12 – 4pm on Sunday, 13 October for FREE face painting!