Let it bao! There’s a lot on offer at The Canberra Times Night Noodles Markets, so having a shortlist of the dishes you just **have** to eat is a great idea. So… we’ve made the list for you! The ramentic in you will be singing ‘I’m crazy pho you’ with this bucket list of brilliant bao and wondrous wontons. See you at Reconciliation Place, from 28 February until 9 March, noodle lovers!

Superbao | Sichuan Fried Chicken Bao-ger

It would take a stick of Kryptonite to keep us away from these Sichuan Fried Chicken Bao-gers. The legends at Superbao spend 24 hours on this dish, marinating the chicken thighs first in secret sticky sauce, then infusing it with Sichuan peppercorn and chilli oil, finally serving it up to you, dear noodle lovers, with mixed leaves and signature Sichuan peppercorn mayo dressing. And by The Son of Jor-El, we love it.


Demochi Donuts | Original Glaze Mochi Donut

Donut even try to  resist them! These donut-mochi hybrids have a huge cult following in Sydney and they’re about to take over Canberra! Demochi creator, demigod Dennis Chan, spent years tinkering with the recipe to make them just perfect. The result is the crispiness of a donut with  the chew of a mochi. All hail the demochi!

The Pham Sisters | Vegan Peking Duck Pancake 

All you vegans are in for some sisterly love! Grab a serve of these Vietnamese crispy pancakes, stuffed with vegan roast duck and veggies, topped with homemade BBQ sauce.  In fact, the entire menu at The Pham Sisters is 100% plant-based so there’s lots to quack about. Duck yeah to that!


Gelato Messina | Bangkok Banana

How can you NOT go to Gelato Messina when you visit The Canberra Times Night Noodle Markets?! From the masters who redefined frozen desserts comes Bangkok Banana; deep-fried banana fritters, caramelised palm sugar, banana gelato, coconut and lime chantilly, and peanut crumble. Order the dish. Take the Insta shot. Just don’t miss out, or as Gwen Stefani says, you’ll go b.a.n.a.n.a.s.


Shallot Thai | Crackling Pork Noodles
Not only is this a dish made from roasted pork belly in caramelised sauce served with boiled egg noodles, but it’s also topped with crispy pork crackling. It’s a dish that contains all the elements you want from a bowl of noodles; it’s rich in flavour, has the perfect ratio of saltiness, sweetness and umami, contains crisp and crunch, and it’s silky and slippery. You really can’t go past this cracker of a dish, Canberra.

Satay Brothers | Teriyaki Beef Ribs

How does this sound? Barbequed beef ribs that have been basted in teriyaki sauce, served with Asian slaw and your choice of coconut rice or chips? >> Insert drool emoji here << Satay Brothers are a favourite at The Canberra Times Night Noodle Markets, and we can guarantee they will always give you satays-faction.


Udon well, kid! All you need to do is bring along your food bucket-list to The Canberra Times Night Noodle Markets at Reconciliation Place from 28 February – 9 March, and you’re set! Entry, as always, is free and stalls are cashless, so don’t forget your cards for all purchases. Keep up to date with all things Night Noodle Markets by joining the Facebook event page here and following us on the @goodfoodmonth Instagram account. To read all about the vegan and vegetarian dishes on offer, click here

Reconciliation Place | 28 February – 9 March | Free Entry

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