If you’re planning a visit or two (or more – we won’t judge) to the Night Noodle Markets presented by Citi at Birrarung Marr, then you’re in for a real treat. With over 20 sizzling food stalls stretching across the inner-city park, offering the most scrumptious selection of Asian-inspired eats, there’s no chance you’ll go hungry. It can, bao-ever, sometimes be a little pho-verwhelming being faced with so many options, so we’ve decided to pick out our top five not-to-be-missed dishes to help you get started on planning your own personal market menu.


Tokosan | Ramen Spag Bol

If you’re a hopeless ramentic and a little bit saucy, then this dish is your perfect match. Made of ramen noodles, topped with eggplant beef miso and just a pinch of chilli, need we say more? While it looks like your regular spaghetti bolognese at a glance, this truly is the traditional Italian’s sultry, spicy Asian cousin – and we just know you’ll love it like it’s family.


Pinchy’s | Wasabi Prawn Roll & Truffle Fries

Now, this is how we roll at the Night Noodle Markets, we’re living the fry life with Pinchy’s Wasabi Prawn Roll and a side of Truffle Fries. Let’s start with the roll. A crispy, toasted roll is layered with wasabi mayo, miso butter, iceberg lettuce, delicately poached prawns and sprinkled with bonito flakes. Complement this masterpiece with a side of fries covered in parmesan cheese, truffle butter, truffle salt and truffle aioli and this combo is shrimply irresistible.


Raijin | Tofu Karaage Noodles

Of course, you can’t visit the Night Noodle Markets without digging into some noodles – and this crunchy, plant-based noodle dish is sure to delight even the most fervent meat-eaters. Think noodles topped with crispy tofu karaage, corn, seaweed, sesame, shallots and pickled ginger, smothered in an original soy tahini ramen sauce. Just one bite and you’ll be saying, “ramen love with you” as you peer into the bowl.


Drumplings | Cheeseburger Dumplings

At the risk of sounding cheesy, we’d like to introduce you to our next dish on the top five list – the Cheeseburger Dumplings from Drumplings. (Now, here’s where you say “nice to meat you.”) These little dumplings are lined with a grass-fed beef pattie, cheese, pickles, mustard and are topped with sesame seeds like the real deal. They’re an extra-special tasty treat and they’ll leave you wonton more. Well, that’s what cheese said.


Gelato Messina | Bangkok Banana

If desserts a-peel to you most, then you’re going to go bananas for this dish from the gelato gods at Gelato Messina. The Bangkok Banana is a Thai-inspired dessert that sees creamy banana gelato topped with caramelised palm sugar, coconut and lime chantilly, deep fried banana fritters and a crunchy peanut crumble. It’s a fruity flavour explosion that packs a crunch and out of all of the delightful desserts on offer at the markets, it might just be (in our humble opinion), the best of the bunch. 


So there you have it – all that and dim sum – our pick of the top five dishes to try at the Melbourne Night Noodle Markets. If you want to check out the best vegan and vegetarian dishes on offer, click here, or to see the full list of moreish market menus, click here. The Night Noodle Markets presented by Citi will be open every night at Birrarung Marr from 7 – 24 November. Entry is free, dogs are welcome and remember, the event is cashless, so be sure to bring your cards for all purchases.