The Night Noodle Markets at Home isn’t just about devouring your favourite eats – it’s about getting your friends and family together to enjoy your dining experience as a whole. And a dinner party wouldn’t be complete without a killer playlist, so we asked our long term Night Noodle Markets friend, DJ Levins (aka @levadawg) to curate a playlist for your listening pleasure.

Listen to the Night Noodle Markets at Home Playlist

“One of my favourite things about DJing at the Night Noodle Markets is making people’s heads nod as they walk through the stalls or making them bop in their chair as they chow down. It’s never about starting a dance floor (although that has happened once), it’s about providing a soundtrack to stuff your belly too.

I like to pick music that’s fun to chew to, and that’s exactly what I’ve done with this playlist, a sweet selection of head nodding, toe tapping disco sounds. And since you’ve no doubt ordered dishes from all over the world, these songs are from all over the world too. Some of my favourites include Parvati Khan from India, Kingo Hamada from Japan and one of my favourite K-Pop acts, Mamamoo.

To prove that disco, like food, is celebrated all over the world, I’ve mixed in songs from Europe, Africa, America and even Australia for you to chew along to. If a dance floor starts while this is playing, let it happen! It just means you can work off some of the extra dessert you ordered.” – Andrew Levins

Andrew Levins (known to all as Levins) is a DJ, chef, writer and the ultimate cool-dad. He is behind the monthly 90s party The Rhythm of the Night, and is one of the DJs behind Sydney’s long running rap party Halfway Crooks. Sign up to Levins’s monthly mixtape service for more mixes like this one every month: