This year for Sydney Good Food Month, we created a Palm Springs inspired pop up restaurant called Hyde Park Palms. This gorgeous, fresh-looking pop up space was peppered ever so carefully with glorious artwork that finished off the look of pure Palm Springs style. Now, we want to share with you the talented Australian artists behind the work.


Evi O

Evi O is an award-winning designer and self-taught artist, based in Marrickville, Sydney.

She is best known for her abstract paintings as well as her personal and honest approach to art.


Our artwork pick: Messina

See more from Evi O here.


Bec Smith

Bec Smith is a Melbourne-based artist with a design background.

She has a passion for abstract, non-objective paintings and her experience as a UX Designer has helped shape her artistic output.


Our artwork pick: Deep Water Flags

See more from Bec Smith here.


Hannah Nowlan

Hannah Nowlan is an emerging Australian artist who is greatly influenced by the surf culture of the coastline of Victoria.

Hannah’s art portrays atmospheric elements of Australia’s stunning natural landscapes.


Our artwork pick: Blood Moon Rising

See more from Hannah Nowlan here.


Angus Martin

Angus Martin is an Adelaide-born, now Sydney based artist with a simple approach to his style of art.

He immerses himself in figurative art and aims to encapsulate the feeling and emotions that result from relationships.


Our artwork pick: Orphic













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