Too bemused to begin your bucket list for Brisbane’s Night Noodle Markets? Just breathe! Because with so many beautiful dishes to choose from, it can be pretty o-pho-whelming. Here’s a little foodspiration to get you started – read on to discover our top five favourite dishes that we’ll be munching on at the Markets.


Chu the Phat | Steamed Duck Buns



Chu the Phat get a Ph.D for this stroke of brilliance. Just when you thought that a steamed bun couldn’t get any better, Chu the Phat roll out these utterly delicious light and fluffy steamed bread buns, filled with fresh, rich master stock braised duck. There’s something so comforting about these delicate yet filling parcels of flavour, so be warned! It will be hard to stop at one. Top of the class for you Chu the Phat!


Flying Noodles | Way of the Dragon



There’s no other dish on earth that reminds us of the words by Lenny Kravitz: “we wish that we could fly, into the sky, so very high, just like a dragonfly”. This dish floats magically into the stratosphere! It’s a gravity-defying bowl of piping-hot, delicious noodles. The Way of the Dragon from Flying Noodles will take your taste buds up, up and away. Think drool-worthy, slow-grilled pork belly with honey soy sauce, black pepper, garlic, tamarind paste and stacks of veggies. Not only will you be mystified by these levitating noodles, but you will be so swept off your feet by the flavours packed into the bowl that you might even feel weightless. And that’s just about as good as flying… right?!


Wok Master | Roasted Duck Stir Fried with Hokkien Noodle in XO sauce



Pluck a duck, this dish is so luxurious! Wok Master take Hokkien noodles, those deep yellow thick spaghetti-like fresh noodles, and stir fry them in a scorching hot wok. They then add succulent roasted duck, and swirl it all together with their house-special XO sauce. XO sauce is a flashy Cantonese sauce, made from the most exclusive and indulgent ingredients in the pantry. XO sauce is a product of the over-the-top hedonistic 1980s, named after XO Cognac to symbolise just how prized and decedent this sauce is! Convinced? Head to Wok Master to grab a bowl.


Bao Brothers | Bao Easy 3



Bao chicka wow wow! Get out of the way dear dumplings, it’s time to bao down to this trio of delicious steamed buns! This offering from Bao Brothers sees one of each bao flavour, pork, chicken, and tofu, served together (they can also make a vegan version if you’re a plant-based legend, just ask for a vegan 3zy Duz it) for the ultimate indulgence. Bao are white, warm, soft buns, fluffy and light, and steamed to perfection. We guarantee you’ll be hooked!


Gelato Messina | Brazo De Messina



Each year the Gelato Gods, Gelato Messina, spend tireless hours working behind the scenes to create custom treats that are available exclusively at the Night Noodle Markets. This year, they’re taking us on a creamy, sweet adventure to The Philippines! Enjoy a range of Night Noodle Markets flavours, but we love the Brazo De Messina. It’s pandan coconut gelato & condensed milk custard, sandwiched between a shortbread crust and baked meringue. Bravo Brazo!!


That wraps up our five top dishes to try at the Brisbane Night Noodle Markets. To read all about the vegan and vegetarian dishes on offer, click here! You can also check out the full list of menus for the Night Noodles Markets here and remember, the markets will be on every night at South Bank from 24 July – 4 August. Entry is free, dogs are welcome and it’s a cashless event, so be sure to bring your cards for all purchases.