You don’t need to get o-pho-whelmed at all there is on offer at this year’s Sydney Night Noodle Markets! With soy much good Asian-inspired food to choose from, we thought we’d give you a shortlist of foodspiration to get you started.  

Biang Biang Noodles |  Biang Biang Noodle Topped with Chilli in Meat Sauce

We bang on a lot about Biang Biang noodles, and after ordering this dish, you’ll understand why. This type of noodle is the beloved cuisine in China’s Shaanxi Province, and Sydney is obsessed with them too. The hand-pulled noodles are thick and long, topped with garlic, spring onion, vegetables, Biang Biang’s secret meat sauce, and just the right amount of chilli (a vegetarian option is available too). Also, give Rougamo (pastry filled with pork) a go; it’s a classic Shaanxi snack of flaky pastry filled with tender pork that’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Sounds bang on, right?


Mr Bao | Classic Gua Bao Trio

This threesome of crackling pork belly, karaage chicken and crispy tofu gua bao not only taste great, they’re also very Insta-ham-able. This gorgeous trio of fluffy snow-white buns is filled with three very different ingredients, all perfectly balanced with crisp fried protein, fresh herbs, and pickled vegetables. One of the few dishes we think you’ll have trouble sharing at the Night Noodle Markets bao-cause they’re just so good. 


The Bearded Pigs | Pork Roll

We live by the motto that men with beards cooking barbeque leads to much success. So grab anything from The Bearded Pigs’ menu, but we’ve got our eyes on their pork roll; five-spice pork, dressed with Hoisin sauce, Asian slaw, served with a man bun.  Oops, we mean in a milk bun.


Satay Brothers | Karaage Chicken Satay

This dish is a collection of delicious elements that, when combined, produce something crisp, light, umami-laden and completely moreish. The collective of Japanese-style fried chicken bites served with coconut rice, Asian slaw, spicy peanut sauce & wasabi mayo is a winner winner chicken dinner at this year’s Night Noodle Markets.


Chur Burger | Lucky 88

This burger is worth a fortune! The Lucky 88 is not just a spectacular arrangement of grilled beef, American Cheese, lettuce, onion, char siu glazed bacon, rice wine pickles and Chinese burger sauce on a lucky red milk bun. No. It also comes with a fortune cookie topper. So  if you’re hungry to know your future, and for some great nosh, pull up to Chur Burger at the Night Noodle Markets this October.


We hope this has helped create a bucket list for the Sydney Night Noodle Markets, held on 11 – 18 October in Hyde Park. This year we celebrate extended hours on the weekend with the markets opening at 12pm! As always, entry is free and stalls are cashless, so don’t forget your cards for all purchases. Keep up to date with all things Night Noodle Markets by joining the Facebook event page here and following us on the @goodfoodmonth Instagram account. 

Have a furbaby? Register here for the Night Poodle Markets, 12 – 4pm on Saturday, 12 October. Tickets are $5 and include a pooch portrait, a doggo treat and all proceeds go to the RSPCA, NSW. Families for face painting and fried noodle feasts: register here to come along to the Night Noodle Markets, 12 – 4pm on Sunday, 13 October for FREE face painting!