Enlighten Night Noodle Markets Menu

It’s all about a fusion of food, light and insta moments. Featuring 21 different food stalls blending Asian and Western cuisine, from spicy street foods to delectable desserts. Share the unforgettable night with friends and family as you savour the sights, sounds and tastes of the markets with an abundance of exclusive dishes.

Prices start from $5.00 – $20.00

Dietary information including gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian:

GF: Gluten-free | V: Vegetarian | DF: Dairy Free | Vegan | Halal



Stallholder Menu Item Description
Bao Stop
(Menulog delivery option available)
Bao trifecta One of each bao: braised pork belly, fried chicken & peking duck bao
Peking duck fries Crispy fries topped with shredded peking duck and bao stop’s peking duck sauce & spring onion (GF, DF)
BlackStar Pastry Strawberry Cake Almond cake, rose cream, watermelon strawberries, rosepetals (GF)
Creme brulee gelato Traditional creme brulee gelato
Cake smash gelato
Chur Burger
(Menulog delivery option available)
The NOTORIOUS P.I.G Crispy pork belly, chilli caramel, Asian slaw, pickled carrots and aioli
The Beef Dynasty Grilled beef, cheese, five spice bacon, lettuce, Chinese bbq sauce, rice wine pickle, aioli, prawn cracker
The A.C.T “Asian.chicken.tonkatsu” Japanese panko crumbed chicken, tonkatsu sauce, lettuce, togarachi mayo
Fries With curry chicken salt
Kids burger Grilled beef, cheese, ketchup
Donburi Station Donburi (Beef Gyu Don or Chicken Tori Don) Japanese marinated beef or Chicken dishes served on Japanese rice
Japanese Fried Dumplings (Gyoza) with Edamame Pork or Vegetarian authentically fried Japanese dumplings (6 or 8), served with Japanese green salted beans (VEG option)
East Street Canberra Crispy Skin Chicken with tomato rice Masterstock poached chicken then fry til golden crispy serve with buttery tomato rice and salad
Pork chop with tomato rice Tender pork chops marinated in spices and fry until golden brown, serve with buttery tomato rice and salad (GF)
Vegetarian Springrolls with tomato rice Golden Fried vegie filled springrolls serve with buttery tomato rice and salad (VEG)
Vegetarian springrolls (VEG)
Salt n pepper tofu with the rice (VEG)
Gelato Messina Great Balls of Fryer Spiced Banana Gelato, Deep Fried, Mango Pudding, Passion fruit caramel
Thai and Stop me Thai Milk Tea Gelato, Choc raspberry puree, chocolate caramel dip rolled in roasted cocoa nibs
PAVIN’ IT LARGE Lychee Meringue, Coconut & Pandan sorbet, Kaya (pandan custard), Raspberry Marshmallow, Yuzu Puree
Grilled & Spice Naan Meal Choice of two curries with Naan bread (VEG, Halal)
Rice Meal Choice of two curries with Rice (Vegan, Halal)
Masala dosa Rice Crepe with Potato Curry and Chutney (VEG, Halal)
Chicken tikka Kabab and Naanster Overnight marinated chicken served with or without green salad Rolled in naan ot sof tortilla (Halal)
Hoy Pinoy
(Menulog delivery option available)
inihaw na manok BBQ chicken skewer
inihaw na baboy BBQ pork skewer
kanin Steamed rice served with atchara (VEG, Vegan, GF, Halal)
Kuisina Adobo Rice & Salad Slow cooked pulled beef or chicken, marinated in soy, vinigar and garlic. served with cucumber salad and rice
Adobo Nachos Slow cooked pulled beef or chicken, marinated in soy, vinigar and garlic. served with salsa, sour crem, cheese sauce and corn chips
Lechon Kawali Crispy pork belly with tradition Filipino sweet bread sauce
Sopt Sorbetes Ube and Pandan flavour
Lets do yum cha Handmade Yum Cha BBQ Pork Bun, Chicken Dim Sim, Vegetarian Dumpling and Vegetarian Spring Roll (VEG, Vegan)
Lo Mai Gai Sticky rice and chicken hand wrapped in lotus leaves
Custard Bun Come play with our Buns. They’re cute and oh so lovable.
Nai Wong Bao Traditional egg custard bun
Little Kyoto Yakisoba Japanese Fried Noodles (VEG)
Pork Wrapped Rice Balls Balls of rice wrapped in a thin slice of pork
Tebasaki Chicken Wings Japanese style deep fried chicken wings
Phorittos Vietnamese Pho soup inspired burritos
Malay Kitchen Chicken Satay Seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, served with a sauce (Halal)
Mee Goreng A flavorful and spicy fried noodle dish common in Indonesia, Malaysia (Halal)
Pineapple Fried Rice Fried rice with a great mix of sweet & savory with a hint of spicy chilies to liven up the fresh shrimp side dish (VEG, Halal)
Nasi Rendang A spicy meat dish which originated from the Minangkabau ethnic group of Indonesia, and is now commonly served across the country (Halal)
(Menulog delivery option available)
trio of korean bbq tacos A trio of bulgogi beef, chilli chicken and chilli pork tacos with pickled carrots, kimchi slaw, cucumbers, shallots topped with our secret pokky sauce (VEG option)
chichi fries Your choice of bulgogi beef, chilli chicken or chilli pork served on top of our super crunchy beer battered fries with cheese, kimchi, shallots topped with japanese mayo and a sweet korean bbq sauce (VEG option)
Shallot Thai Crackling Pork Noodle Roasted pork belly in caramelised sauce with boiled egg noodles.
Thai Fish Cake
Chicken Satay Roti Roll Chicken satay & Mix Salad with peanut sauce wrapped in roti bread
Green Curry Chicken on Rice Green curry paste& vegies with coconut milk
Chicken satay skwers Marinated chicken with Peanut Sauce
(Menulog delivery option available)
Thai Entrees Vegetable spring rolls & samosas
Pad Thai Chicken
Pad See-Ewe Choice of: Vegetable $13 or Chicken $15
Massamann Beef served with jasmine rice
Chicken and chorizo paella
Garlic Chicken with Jasmine Rice
Fresh Mango & Sticky Rice with coconut sauce
Taiwan Noodle House
(Menulog delivery option available)
Taiwanese Noodles Taiwanese hand pulled noodles topped with 5 spice beef broth, 16 hour cooked brisket, sui yuk crispy roast pork belly, char siu roast pork and steamed Chinese vegetables
Teppanyaki Noodles
(Menulog delivery option available)
Teppanyaki noodles Japanese stir fried noodles
teriyaki chicken fantastick chikin stick with teriyaki sauce
Yakisoba stir fried noodles
Twistto Twistto Korean style twisted potato on a stick (VEG, Vegan, GF and Halal)
Twistto Various flavoured tornado shape potato on a stick (VEG, Vegan, GF and Halal)
(Menulog delivery option available)
Dancing Dragon Fresh Baked Waffle w/ Melted Chocolate & Icing Sugar (Halal)
Bangkok Night Fresh Baked Waffle w/ Warm Nutella & Icing Sugar (Halal)
Lucky Fortune Fresh Baked Waffle w/ Lychee, Caramel Syrup & Icing Sugar (Halal)
Black Panda Fresh Baked Waffle w/ Maple Syrup & Black Sesame (Halal)
Shanghai Sunrise (Limited Time only) Fresh Baked Waffle w/ Mango, Shaved Coconut, Ice Cream Violet Crumble Bits, Wafer Sticks & Drizzled with Maple Syrup & Icing Sugar
What The Pho Saigon Roll With Pork, Chicken or Tofu, pate, mayonaise, sour carrot, shallot, corriander, cucumber, chilli (optional), soy sauce (VEG option, Vegan)
Sticky Rice With Pork or Chicken, pate, sour carrot, shrimp, crispy onion, shallot, soy sauce
Beef Noodle soup (Pho) Rice noodle, beansprout, shallot, corriander, onion, hoisin sauce, chilli sauce, lemon with meatball and rare beef
Vermichelli With Grill pork and spring roll, beansprout, lettuce, shallot, sour carrot, mint, cucumber, fish sauce (VEG, Vegan option)
(Menulog delivery option available)
6 flavours of handmade gyoza pork classic, chicken teriyaki, Tokyo curry, pumpkin feta, beetroot feta, black bean vegan, chickpea & Lentil, fresh prawn & squid (VEG, Vegan options)
gyoza – set of 5 (one flavour) choose one flavour
gyoza – set of 8 (two flavours) choose two flavours
edamame beans Japanese style edamame beans (VEG, Vegan, GF)