Kai Luo

Kai Luo heads up the pastry section of the esteemed OTTO Restaurant Sydney. The ethos of the OTTO team is to meld bold Italian flavour with innovative modern style. It’s not a stretch for the talented Kai, who trained under Jed Garrard when he opened Western Australia’s hatted restaurant Wildflower.  Wildflower famously followed the six Noongar seasons; the team would meet with the local Noongar elders to develop menus that showcased each season’s foraged bounty. At OTTO, Kai’s affinity with finessed, modern Italian is indisputable. His unique culinary background starting at Le Cordon Bleu, and deep understanding of regional produce shines through his exquisite delicacies at OTTO.  

Kai joined the OTTO Sydney team in 2016 and quickly rose to Head Pastry Chef. In this role, his team oversees desserts, chocolates, sourdough and cakes; all with a modern Italian flavour, with a native Australian spirit.