Kai heads up the pastry section of OTTO Ristorante Sydney. And it’s not a small section either. It’s a big team – often the first in, and are most definitely, the last to leave. Their ethos is to meld Italian flavour with modern style. It’s not a stretch for the very talented Kai, who trained under Jed Gerrard when he opened Western Australia’s hatted restaurant, Wildflower (Gerrard departed Wildflower earlier this year). Wildflower famously followed the six Noongar seasons; Gerrard and his team would meet with the local Noongar elders to develop menus that showcased each season’s foraged goods. 

At OTTO, however, Kai’s affinity with finessed, modern Italian is indisputable. His unique culinary background means he brings classical training together with a unique understanding of regional produce – and proof of his talent is definitely in the pudding.