Nothing influences a chef more than travel. The flavours, ingredients, culture, the approach to food, cooking techniques; all the things that all lie beyond the familiar. Exposure to difference is the key that turns a good chef into a great one – and it’s a rule young chef Tommy Barreault has followed since the beginning of his cooking career. 

Tommy was raised in France as well as the French Caribbean. After finishing his cooking school studies in 2012, he worked for two years at Michelin starred Dublin restaurant, Locks Brasserie. He then went to work at restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, awarded two Michelin stars for their contemporary Irish with French classical roots menu. Trading Gaelic for Gallic, Tommy crossed the Channel to join the team at Michelin starred restaurant La Roche Le Roy in the Loire Valley.

In 2015, Tommy moved to Melbourne where he began working at one hat Melbourne restaurant, Ezard. He joined the Tipo 00 team three years ago, pursuing his interest in Italian cuisine. The hatted Tipo 00 is a Melbourne institution, buzzing every night with happy and loyal diners, owned by ex Vue de monde chef Andreas Papadakis. Tipo 00’s food is smart, yet unfussy, Italian, executed by fine-dining trained chefs. Chef Andreas Papadakis is a Good Food Month favourite, cooking with legendary chef Marco Pierre White and Joel Valvasori in June for Melbourne Good Food Month.

With such an incredible professional career, it’s no wonder Tommy has become a highly regarded senior chef. Good Food Month is proud to feature Tommy as one of our Young Chefs in Sydney this October.