Temporada | Temporada x TERRA

TERRA at Temporada

Terra means land, and Temporada means season, so from the get-go, we can see these two extraordinary venues are very serious about excellent produce. Great ingredients are seasonal, local, and sustainable, and both of these restaurants maintain a commitment to these elements, resulting in some phenomenal dishes that continually wow locals and visitors.  There are two of these special dinners – one at TERRA (Wednesday, March 6) and one at Temporada (Tuesday, March 19). Pick the restaurant that’s your favourite, or the one you haven’t experienced yet, or double-down on deliciousness and go to both. 

This is a very special collaboration between two of Canberra’s favourite food spots; the produce kings over at the bustling and beautiful Terra, and Ben Willis’ hatted hometown favourite, Temporada.

You’ll be treated to a set menu, specially designed by the chefs to celebrate Good Food Month. There’s also an option for matching wines, so if you have the option to leave the car at home, you’ll be in for some delicious vino.

Don’t miss out on this rare collaboration – book your tickets now.


6:00pm, Tuesday March 19

15 Moore St, Canberra ACT 2601



Email to book: info@temporada.com.au

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