Wellness. It’s a buzz word and a hot topic of conversation in this day and age where life seems to fly by at a million miles (or 1.6 million kilometres) per hour; where we work long days (and nights) and are faced with a multitude of challenges and stress-inducing situations regularly.

Wellness is all about promoting physical, mental and social well-being, and it’s something that our friends at Celebrity Cruises are passionate about. Celebrity Cruises’ Women in Wellness Program shines a light on insights from some of the most highly respected female leaders in the wellness industry, who have curated a holistic wellness journey for guests that goes well beyond the spa. In collaboration with Celebrity Cruises, as an extension of this brilliant program, we thought we’d sit down with one of Australia’s most talented, innovative and well-respected female chefs, Alanna Sapwell, to get an understanding of how she manages her wellness holistically.

Images: Alanna Sapwell’s Esmay Pop-up for Brisbane Good Food Month 2020

So, go on – have a read for yourself, and you might just feel inspired enough to start transforming and prioritising your own wellness routines.


Good Food Month: How do you disconnect from everyday stresses and prioritise your own well-being? 

Alanna Sapwell: I jot down what I need to achieve the next day and include exercise and feeding myself into the list as well. I put a lot of time and thought into cooking for others, but it’s a shift to do that for myself. By changing my approach to the day to be proactive rather than reactive, I achieve a lot more and find it easier to switch off knowing I have done everything in my “bite-sized” daily to-do list. 

Good Food Month: Do you have any tips to promote physical, mental and social well-being?

Alanna Sapwell: I’m quite competitive, so I enjoy exercising with friends. It makes us challenge each other and it’s great for my mental well-being. It’s also nice to change things up and socialise in daylight, instead of late nights over drinks.

Good Food Month: What’s your favourite activity to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul? 

Alanna Sapwell: I love swimming. I find it gentle on the body and it’s just nice to dunk your head under the water. 

Good Food Month: Do you have a favourite dish that you cook (at home or professionally), or an ingredient that you use, that you feel sums up the concept of wellness or well-balanced eating as part of a holistic approach to wellness?

Alanna Sapwell: I don’t have a specific dish or ingredient, but instead I focus on where my ingredients come from. I have a great relationship with a nearby farm called The Falls Farm, who also provide veggie boxes for the public. They put in a huge amount of effort from the soil up, and focus on having the most nutrient-dense fruit and veg that’s also affordable. Having beautiful ingredients that have been cared for encourages me to continue that respect in the cooking process. I end up wasting less and feeding myself and my friends better with their produce. Here’s a little tip – The Falls Farm greens are an amazing dish on their own, simply cooked over the BBQ with yuzu kosho. 


You can experience Alanna’s to-dine-for dishes at her travelling Esmay Pop-up that’s currently touring the country with Good Food Month.

And, discover more about Celebrity Cruises’ Women in Wellness Program and their health and wellness offering at sea here.