Night Noodle Markets

National Stallholders

Whether they’re pumping out some hot charred chicken skewers, desserts to die for, or Guo Bao that’s lighter than clouds, our national Night Noodle Markets partners will be there to satisfy everyone’s appetites at each market around the country.

Enlighten Night Noodle Markets return to Canberra March 2 – 11.

Night Noodle Markets Perth return March 16 – 25.

Gelato Messina

Gelato Messina are loved by every sweet-toothed gelato aficionado. Each year Gelato Messina bring an array of custom creations exclusively available at the Night Noodle Markets.

Say ‘Konnichi wa‘ to this year’s theme – Japanese Gameshow!


Black Star Pastry

If you haven’t tried the most Instagrammed cake in the world, now is your chance. Black Star Pastry return to Night Noodle Markets in 2018 with the ultimate selection of desserts for the season. Light yet decadent, a slice of cake from Australia’s most famous pastry master’s is the perfect way to end a night at the markets.

bsp-swc-nnm-003-web  black-star-pastry-x-n2-gelato

Hoy Pinoy

Filipino Barbecue done right.

We’re excited to announce that Hoy Pinoy will be bringing their Lechon Rotisseries to the Night Noodle Markets in Canberra and Perth for the first time in 2018! If you like you food sizzling, steamy, charred and succulent, Hoy Pinoy is where it’s at. Perfect for sharing; or perfect for hogging.

hoy-pinoy-4  hoy-pinoy-bbq

Read more about Filipino bbq and Hoy Pinoy here


The dish that nearly broke the internet during our Melbourne Night Noodle Markets, Puffle is the love-child of Korean fried chicken or bulgogi beef and a cheese-stuffed egg waffle. These guys are the real puff daddies of the Night Noodle Markets, so don’t miss out on one of the most iconic dishes of the year.



Taking the best of Vietnamese, Korean and Mexican, Pokol cuisines, Poklol know how to make a truly great food experience at the Night Noodle Markets! 100% fun, delicious and Instagrammable, make sure to try everything on offer by Poklol.


Donburi Station

The best of Japanese street food! Donburi Station is THE place to visit for all the gyoza-lovers out there, and we know there’s a lot of you. Don’t miss out on their beef or chicken Japanese skewers, or Osaka noodles which offer a great vegetarian option.   



Food-on-a-stick is always a good idea – and at Twistto, they are one of the best. There’s no time for couch-potatoes though – make sure you race to get some skewered deliciousness at your nearest Night Noodle Markets. Your taste-buds will thank you for it.

Original Korean Potato Twistto Melbourne Night Noodle Markets Good Food Month

Sambal Kampung

Sambal Kampung are all about authenticity. Serving up vibrant and tasty dishes from Malaysia and China, you can taste the love and passion Sambal Kampung prepare their dishes with. 



Shallot Thai

There’s pad Thai. And then there’s pad Thai.

Like the local neighborhood Thai restaurant that you love and have been loyal to for the last 5 years, Shallot Thai is our go-to for fresh, zesty and utterly delicious Southeast Asian street-food. Their crackling pork noodles are a real winner at the Night Noodle Markets and vegetarian love their vegetable spring rolls. 


Teppanyaki Noodles

Noodles are at the very heart of what the Night Noodle Markets are all about, so we absolutely love Teppanyaki Noodles! Get your yakisoba on for some Japanese noodle deliciousness. 

little-kyoto-resize     teppanyaki-noodles


Whether you’re a traditionalist that likes yours warm with Nutella, or something more exotic like maple syrup & black sesame, or perhaps you go full Night Noodle Markets and have yours with peanut butter, ice cream, fresh bananas, pretzels, wafer sticks & topped with caramel – a freshly baked treat from Waffleland is an absolute must! Take a picture of your Waffleland experience and tell us what you think at #nightnoodlemarkets!


Night Noodle Markets

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